Biometric Access Control

Ensuring employee saftey with a fingerprint

Forget your card or badge? No problem! By using the latest in technology, you can increase security and convience while reducing operating cost!

Physical access control you can count on

Plexus offers equipment from the industries' most reliable, and innovative manufacutures. 

We specialize in quality installations. By using Plexus for your access control installation you can be sure that the system will be installed correctly to optimize security and longevity.

We offer superior availability.  Never find yourself friday late afternoon with a down system and no one answering the phone. We're here and we offer priority support.

Configuration from a single screen

We put more emphasis on usability than many of our competitors. Without a usable software interface the access control system wouldn't allow for easy removals and additions.  A usable interface also allows for easy customizations or changes without the need to call us every time, although we're happy to help.

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Communication for access

Having security doesn't mean you have to be incovenienced.  Lock down the facility and find out who needs to gain access by using HD video and HD audio over IP before you allow it from the comfort

Integrate these devices into your exiting IP phone system to unlock the true potential.

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