Surveillance beyond security

Surveillance at Plexus is more than protection from theft. By using the latest in technology you'll be empowered in many aspects of your business. High definition surveillance will allow you to be in severals places at the same time, streamline processes with time staging or simply check on the office from anywhere in the world while enjoying time with your family.

End-to-end security

We’re Kansas' prefered choice for cutting edge HD video surveillance and video management software. Empower your security teams with industry leading technology and software designed with the user in mind.

A system that's smart, intuitive and easy to use.
Find scene changes, missing objects and events with Ksenos VMS - the industry’s quickest high-definition video search. We give you full control over surveillance video playback, allowing you to quickly retrieve evidence and speed up response times and investigations.

Mobile, Desktop or Web

We offer the most flexable software solutionsfor high definition security cameras.  You can easily view them at the comfort of your desk using your Mac OSx or Windows PC, you can leverage the power of our mobile applicatoins for Android and Apple when you are on the move.

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leverage your existing cameras.

We'll even integrate your existing CCTV 

Theres not always a requirement of starting from scratch. We can leverage your existing analog cameras in areas that require less detail or to ease the cost of upgrading. 

Starting small is better than not starting at all.

Our technology partners

We have partnerships with the industry leading manufactures

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