How to Change Google Pay Language to Hinglish in 5 Easy Steps?

The Google Pay app always takes care of the comfort of its customers. That’s why Google has given importance to many types of languages ​​in its online payment app so that people from different states living in India can choose their preferred language and make online payments in a secure way.

Many Indians feeling comfortable with Hinglish language but they are not aware of how to change the language on Google Pay.

In today’s article, we will solve your problem and tell How to change google pay language? You can choose your preferred language on Google Pay app by just following a few steps.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payment app through which we can easily make payments anywhere and to anyone sitting at home.

Google Pay allows its users to make digital payments through mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Google Pay makes it easy to do mobile recharge, online shopping, bill payment, etc. With this, all payments made by Google Pay are 100% secure.

If we make a payment to any fraud person through Google Pay, then this app already sends us security alerts for it.

Apart from this, Google Pay also provides us with some scratch cards. Through which we can get some discount on our next payment.

Also, on Google Pay we also get some gift cards on payment through which we can get discounts on online shopping through some websites.

In how many languages ​​is it available on Google?

Available in total 9 languages ​​on Google which include some of the languages ​​given below-:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Hinglish
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Kannad

What is the hinglish language?

hinglish language is a language that is made up of Hindi and English. Under this, all the things will be seen written in English but their pronunciation will be in Hindi. This language is commonly used in India during conversation through chatting.

For example,

Apne 1 din me 2000 rupye ka transaction kiya.

Kharche karen aur Jiten.

Transaction History dekhen.

How to change google pay language?

You can change the language on Google from other languages to Hinglish language by following five easy steps on Google.

  1. Open your app on Google and click on your profile i.e., photo given on the right side.
  1. On clicking, some options will appear on your screen, from which you have to choose the option of setting.
  1. After choosing the setting option, there you will see many more options from which you have to choose the option of Personal Info.
  1. After selecting the option of Personal Info, you will see three options from which choose the language option.
  1. As soon as you select this language option, you will see a total of 9 languages from which you can choose your preferred language like English.

By following these five easy steps, you can change your language on your Google to any language of your choice.


In today’s article, we told you how to change the English language on the Google Pay app. Not only English but you can also choose another language of your choice by following these steps.

Google Pay has made available all types of languages as per the convenience of its users so that the user does not face any hassle related to payment.


Que – How do I change the language to English on Google Play?

Ans – You can choose the English language by using the steps given in this article.

Que – How do I change my Google pay settings?

Ans – Click on your profile and then click on the settings option is given after that you can change your settings whichever you want.

Que – Is Google Pay Chinese?

Ans – No, Google Pay is online payment app of USA.

Que – Is GPAY and Google Pay same?

Ans – Yes, GPay is the short form of Google Pay.

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