What is a Difference between Gmail and email ?

We often communication with others via using internet. And most of the time we using Email and Gmail which is the top most popular method.

Through Gmail and email, we can not only text but also send photos, videos and any type of document to each other.

Most of the professionals use this method because they have to send different types of documents to each other during their work which is possible only through Gmail and email.

But very Few people know about that Gmail and email are different with each other’s. People believe that Gmail and email is the same but it’s not like that. Today we are going to explain Diffrence between gmail and email in this article.

What is Email?

The full form of email is electronic mail and was founded in 1971. The founder of email service is Ray Tomlinson. After that an Indian boy from America done some updates in email service in 1978.

Email is a medium for exchanging and handling messages that move through the Internet. Anyone using any electronic device like a smartphone tablet, desktop laptop, etc. can conduct e-mail through the internet.

There are many platforms that provide email service and through these, we can activate our email service. Any electronic device with computing power has an option for email by default. We can edit our messages on e-mail as it comes with a text editor.

Apart from this, e-mail also provides us with some basic templates using which we can edit our emails in the right way.

To send an email to any other person, first, we have to write our message on the text editor of the email and write the ID of the person to whom we want to send the email so that our email can reach the right person.

What is Gmail?

Gmail was founded in 4 April, 2004 by google. Gmail is a platform that provides email service. It is a web-based email service providing platform, through which users can exchange digital messages, information and files over the Internet.

It works on any electronic device like Windows and Android both. Gmail along with providing email service to its users also provides few GB store which we call as Google Drive. Through this, users can save their data at that place.

Gmail uses POP and IMAP protocols. Gmail earns profit by promoting some good brands. But it keeps all personal information of its users confidential.

Also, or does not display any such add-ons which may cause inconvenience to the users. Gmail is the most widely used email service platform which is trusted by almost everyone.

Through email, we can not only send messages but also photos, videos and many digital files.

Apart from this Gmail provides some other feature also like, whenever you delete your files, Gmail keeps your files in Trash so that you can restore your mail/files.

Difference between Email and Gmail

Sr. No.EmailGmail
1.Email is process used for exchanging mails over the internet. This is the electronic communication which includes digital data in the form of text, Photos, videos and documents.Gmail is the platform which allows us to sending and receiving mails via internet. It provides us service for exchanging mail.
2.Email stands for Electronic Mail.Gmail stands for Google Mail.
3.To send email we need some platform like, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc.Gmail is an independent app that allows its customers to create a Gmail account and assigns a unique Gmail ID to each customer. Like example@gmail.com
4.Email doesn’t provide any security to its users.Gmail provides some securities like spam filtering, virus protection, and more to their users.
5.Email doesn’t make profit by showing ads.Gmail shows some ads and make some profits.
6.There is no scheduling feature in email. Users can not schedule their mail if they want.Gmail provides scheduling mail features to user so that if users want to send some mail after some time so they can do this.
7.User can sync their mail every 4 hours in a day.User can sync their mail every 1 hour in a day.
8.Email doesn’t provide file recovery system.Gmail provides file recovery system through Trash option.
9.Users can configure their peak sync time by choosing the day and week through email.Gmail doesn’t support Peak sync time.
10.You cannot use email without any client.Gmail allows to make free account to its users and can use Gmail without client.
11.Email shows the URL link as a kind of Tap-able link.Gmail doesn’t support Tap-able link.
12.Email does not provide customization features to their user.Users can Customize their mail by using customization feature through wallpaper, themes etc.
13.Users can not track their email through Using extension.Users can track their mail like- Mail delivery status, scheduling email by using extension.
14.Comments specified in the Internet message format of an email message require an RFC 535 request.Gmail follows the IMAP and POP protocol. Through which the user can also receive and send e-mails using any other application.


In today’s article, we tell you the difference between email and Gmail. Email is an electronic process using which we exchange messages. In contrast, Gmail is a platform through which the exchange of messages is possible.

Email provides us with some of the things through which we can pass our messages to each other in a secure way. Gmail also provides its users with the facility to create a free account. While email does not have this feature.


Que – Is Gmail same as email?

Ans – No, Gmail is different from email. In this article we explained that how to gmail is differ from email.

Que – Do I need both email and Gmail?

Ans – No, if you have Gmail account than you don’t have to make any other account.

Que – Is Gmail better than email?

Ans – In this article we told the all features of Gmail and email. After reading the article you can choose by yourself which is better.

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