What is a Web story? And How To Create Great Web Story

Nowadays, people have less time, so people prefer to read short content instead of meaningful content like watching stories.

That’s why Google also launched a new feature of Web Story for its creators. Through this, creators can attract their customers and bring maximum website traffic.

Many people do not know what this web story is, so in today’s article, we will tell our viewers What is a Webstory ? And How To Create Great Web Story? 

If you also want to get detailed information related to web story, stay with us in this article until the end.  

What is WebStory? 

Web Story is a new feature of Google powered by AMP technology. Web story is a full screen immersive experience that bloggers can make sense of on their website.

Google supports Web Stories, allowing its users to find Web Stories on Google Discover.

Web Story is a visual storytelling format launched by Google on 22 September 2020. Web Story is one of the stories that sets it apart from Instagram or Facebook stories.

In Google web Story, you can also include your website link, call-to-action and Google AdWords, through which your customers will get information about your website and understand what kind of content you post on your website for them.

Why to use Google Web Stories?

Nowadays people like to watch the story for a few seconds more. Due to the busy life of people, they lack patience, and they do not want to read lengthy material.

That’s why Google launched Web Story through which any website can reach its content to the customers through story.

Google Web Story is also like the story of other social media websites, which is only for a few seconds, but it works differently.

Through Google Web Story, we can provide our customers with informative content. Besides this, Google Web Story can also act as a new content to boost organic traffic and SEO score.

Tools For create web story

Not all creators are coding engineers, so they cannot create a web story by coding. Therefore, you can easily create a Google Web Story through many other tools.

By Google Plugin

Most bloggers build their website on WordPress, so Google has also launched a plugin called Google Plugin. You can start creating good web stories by downloading the Google plugin for your WordPress website.

Many templates are also provided to create a web story on the WordPress website, which you can design and create a web story in your own way.

You can also create a Google web story using World Press Media Library. This plugin provides drag and drop creation and publish your web story directly to your website.

  • Newsroom AI

Newsroom AI allows its customers to create Google man stories for free. Apart from this, you can also embed your web story on your website.

And you can also post your stories on Google. This tool also lets you track your web story. You can also find out how many good views are coming on your story.

Newsroom AI provides various templates in which you can edit text, photos and videos as you wish. If you want to use other features of this website, you can also upgrade it for some money.

How to create a great web story 

To create a good web story, you have to meet the Google demands and use such content according to the customers’ interest. We will give you some tips to recreate a good web store.

  • Use High Quality Images 

Remember that when creating a web story, you should use quality media because customers are mostly attracted by looking at the media, not the text. Media should play the main role in your web story, not text.

  • Narrate your Web story

Whenever you make a web story, first of all, ask yourself what this web story is for. For what purpose is it being made?

Also, describe the events and scenes in your web story keeping the purpose in mind so that the visitors can read your content by understanding your feeling and purpose.

  • Keep Your Headline Perfect 

When posting a web story on Google, pay more attention to its headline. Because often people make this mistake that they make the web story beautiful but their title is not good due to which visitors do not open your web story.

Only if the title is good people will see your web story and read the content you provide.

Web story perfect headline examples :

  • How to create a web story in five simple steps
  • 10 ways to get traffic in your website
  • Top 3 tools which can help you for making stories

Benefits of using Google web stories

  • It’s a way for users to go about your site. People are more influenced through short stories and like to see it, so web story can be a medium through which more and more organic visitors can come to your website.
  • You can also create different types of content through Google web Story. You can also embed it in your website as well.
  • Mobile users through web story add more to your website because that story is full screen and details are also limited in it due to which the user feels to be a part of your story.


Today’s article we taught you how to create a great web story. You can use any type of tool while creating a web story.

Also keep in mind that for what purpose and for which audience you are creating web story because only then the visitors to your website will also increase.

Apart from this, while creating a web story, you should also focus on media, narration, and design, because these three things are very important in the story, attracting the audience and encouraging the reading of the content available on your site.


Que – How do I promote my web story?

Ans – You can promote your web story using all social media Platforms.

Que – Are web stories worth it?

Ans – Definitely, web stories help us increase our website’s traffic and SEO score.

Que – How do you use web stories?

Ans – By installing the Google plugin, we can use web stories.

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