What Is Call Barring & How to Use It?

Call barring meaning is that you can reject or refuse a call from any individual number. 

This Feature allows you to block certain numbers from calling your phone, This means that pesky telemarketers never be able to get in touch.

Let’s take a look at exactly how it works, Read on to learn more about how to set up this feature on your phone.

What is call barring meaning and how to use this feature

What is Call Barring Meaning ?

Call barring is a feature, helping you to restrict the number of incoming and outgoing calls from scam callers.

This can be used to prevent accidental or unintended charges or to prevent calls being made from a phone that is being used by your children or others that you do not want to make calls.

With this feature, you can also restrict the type of outgoing calls that can be made such as restricting international calls.

Another good example is to use it as parental control, so you can prevent your children from making expensive international calls without your knowledge or authorization.

How to Use Call Barring?

To bar a call, the number that is about to be called must first be added to your list of barred numbers. You can do this by pressing the “Keypad” button, entering the number you want to bar, and then choosing “Bar Number.”

Alternatively, you can enter the number you want to bar, press “Menu” and then choose “Bar Number.” After you have added the number to your list of barred numbers, you must save the number to your phonebook. To do this, choose “Save” or press “Menu” and then “Save.”

After you have saved the number in your phonebook, you can now make calls as usual. If someone tries to call your blacklisted number that is on your list of barred numbers, then they will receive a busy tone and the call will be blocked.

However, if you want your phone to give an incoming caller a different message when you are unavailable to take the call, you need to use code #31# before entering your PIN2 code. 

Message Example: 

“Hi, this is (your name), I’m out of the office at the moment – Please phone me back later.”

How to use call barring

Call Barring Settings in Android

Call barring in android is done by changing the settings by going to “Menu” and then choosing “Settings.” You must go to Call Barring and make your desired changes.

After this, you will need to save your settings and then key in the PIN2 code that you chose when activating call barring.

You can unbar all the numbers in your list by selecting “Unbar All” on the settings menu. You can choose the “Remind Me” option If you want to be reminded of your number!

To do this, press the keys as instructed on your phone’s screen and then save your settings once you have entered your PIN2 code.

Call Barring Settings in iPhone

Call barring in iPhone is one of the most useful features which can be used to limit your call. It is very useful in many ways which can be used by people for different purposes. A few of them are given below:

While traveling, you may want to avoid expensive roaming charges. To save money, you can use this feature to block your outgoing international call from being made.

If you have a restraining order against someone, you can use this setting to block his or her number from being able to reach you.

Call barring settings in phone

How do I set up Call Barring on outgoing calls?

Call barring can also be used to restrict certain types of outgoing calls. For example, if your phone is being used by a child and you want to restrict the outgoing call to local, you can do this by entering *034* plus your PIN number and then selecting “OK.”

You can also partially block the outgoing calls, so instead of blocking all calls, you can restrict them to your preferred zones. For example, if your child is using your phone to make calls while you are away, then you can restrict the outgoing and incoming calls to be made if they are in a certain area.

How To Active Call Barring?

To activate call barring, you must first dial *43# and then press “Cancel.” Then, enter your PIN2/PUK code.

Alternatively, you can enter *43*pincode# and then press “OK.” Your new PIN2 code will be sent to your phone via SMS.

(Note: If your PIN2/PUK code has been modified, you will need to enter it instead of the default code).

After entering the PIN2/PUK code, you will be asked to confirm your new PIN2 code. If you do not want the default code, you can change it by entering *43*pincode# and then pressing “OK.”

How do I know if I have call barring activated?

You can check your phone’s settings by going to “Menu” then “Settings.” After that, you can go to “Call Barring.”

If it is activated on your phone, you will see a list of options. You can then press “Menu” and choose “Options.”

You will then be given the option to unbar all your numbers or put your phone on “do not disturb.”

After that, you need to enter your PIN2/PUK code, then confirm your new code.

What is the Difference Between Call Restriction and Call Barring?

Restricting the outgoing and incoming calls on your phone is completely different from barring them. When you restrict a call, you can choose to allow certain numbers by adding them to your allowed list.

To do this, simply select “Menu” and choose “Settings.” After that, you can go to “Restrict Outgoing Calls” then press “OK.” You will now see a list of options that you can then press the keys as instructed on your phone’s screen and then save your settings once you have entered your PIN2 code.

Barring, on the other hand, blocks all outgoing, incoming, and missed calls. This feature can be turned on by entering your PIN2/PUK code followed by “*” plus the full stop and then “Bar Outgoing Calls.”

You can select the types of calls you wish to bar by entering *43* followed by the full stop and the type of calls you want to block.


Call barring is a very convenient feature if you want to know who your child is calling, especially if they have friends from other places. 

It can also be helpful if you want to block certain numbers so that they can’t get in touch with you, especially when your phone is stolen.

If you want to restrict your child from making calls, you can set restrictions on what numbers they can call and if they are allowed to make international calls.

In this Article I told you what is a call barring & how to use it? and what is call barring meaning, how to set up in android & iphone, etc…

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